Additives Uncovered "Free to Share & Care" edition (FULL / unabridged)

A FULL version of Additives Uncovered is now available using what I call the “Free to Share & Care” system. What is this?
You are entitled to use and share/distribute the material, in this case the eBook, free of charge so long as it remains in it's original form, unaltered and in it's entirety. If you do share the material, it must remain free (you may not charge for it). If you do find it useful, I ask that you "share the love" and help me out by: sharing it, promoting it, buying it, donating, reviewing it on Amazon, leaving your comments on this site, facebook, etc.

I believe in helping people in the ways that I know how, using the tools that I have at my fingertips. I believe in sharing, and in caring. I believe in a world where money doesn't have to be an obstacle to getting the tools you need to live life the way you want to live it. This is why I have created the "Free to Share & Care" edition, which is a complete/full edition of the eBook on PDF.

Basically, what this means is that the eBook is provided to you free of charge; you may share it and give it away freely, so long as it is done so in its original form, unaltered and in its entirety and that you do not charge anything for it (it must remain free). If you find it useful, or just like the idea of “Free to Share & Care”, help me to keep it alive – pass the book on to others that may find it useful and also consider helping me out. You can do that by buying the Kindle version on Amazon (it is exactly the same book), by making a PayPal donation to lucan(DOT)baldacchino(AT)hotmail(DOT)com or even by sending your encouraging words to that same email address, or by posting them here or the Additives Uncovered Facebook Page.

I hope this work touches your life in a positive way.

With Love,

Want to get your hands on a "Free to Share & Care" copy of Additives Uncovered? Here's how!

Email me at contact(AT)uncoveredpublications(DOT)com or leave a comment on the Additives Facebook Page and I'll send you one. Simple as that.

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