Your Choice, Your Power

Picture for a moment a sleeping elephant that is constantly and slowly being pinched by an army of ants. For an outside observer it would seem like the ants are in control, that is of course until the elephant wakes up...

Everyday we eat things without giving it much thought. We happily and inherently trust that these products are OK and that others, be it industry, government, or some watchdog or another, are ensuring that everything's safe. We get ill, so do our kids, and even when certain conditions start to become far more frequent like allergies, digestive disorders, cancer... we seem to accept this as a part of life and rarely wonder why. And so, wrapped in our blankets of ignorance, we are like that sleeping elephant.

And while we sleep, manufacturers and chemical corporations with money on their mind are slowly pinching and eating away at us with certain harmful food additives, with their poisonous pesticides that even affect the nutritional value (or worse) of the plants they are supposed to protect, with their Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) such as those found in most US produced corn and soy that can harm, weaken and kill us and the livestock we consume, and can even pass their genetic mutations onto the beneficial bacteria in our gut and turn them into perpetual toxin factories inside of us. All this happening for no good reason other than to sell more products, cut costs, make money. These ants don't really care about the elephant at all, they just want a big chunk of it.

All it takes to wake-up and remove those blankets of ignorance is for us to choose to do so. It's something we need to do, for ourselves and especially for our children's sake. Let us choose to be informed and know what we are eating and just how it affects us, let us choose non-GMO products, let's choose exactly which additives we are comfortable with. It really doesn't take that much to get manufacturers to change their ingredients, whether they're additives or GMO-derived ingredients; all it takes is for them to face a small profit loss. And although it only takes a small number of us to make changes happen, I believe we should all make it a PRIORITY to exercise our power of choice and help bring about these much needed changes sooner.

It's time for the elephant to wake-up.

As a final note, I'd like to recommend a documentary on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) entitled "The Genetic Roulette" which is being screened free of charge for the next few days here. If you are not lucky enough to get to the free screening in time, it may be well worth your time and money (particularly US residents who are most affected by GMOs) to purchase a copy of the documentary. I'm not recommending this to earn a commission - in fact I don't get one - but rather because I feel people really need to know about this sort of thing and start exercising their power of choice.

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