The Kindle Edition is out!

After so much time and effort I'm really happy to announce that the Kindle Edition of "ADDITIVES UNCOVERED: What's in your food and how it affects you" is out. (It can be found on Amazon here.)

Writing the book itself was quite a lengthy process, particularly because I wanted to be extremely thorough with the research and then wanted to present the facts in as useful a way as possible. Of course getting the manuscript ready is just part of the journey.

When done properly, getting a manuscript ready for the Kindle is actually surprisingly more work than you'd think. All the formatting needs to be stripped from the manuscript and then redone manually using HTML and CSS. No automatic exporting from Word allowed here, at least not if you want it to be displayed properly on an E-Reader and allow readers to use personalized settings for the book. Then there's the tweaking to cater for the differences between the "webpage version" and the way it's actually displayed on the Kindle. And of course I always like to do things as best as I can - putting in the effort is really worth it.

I hope you like the result and find it a most useful addition to your daily health.