Nook Edition cancelled

Unfortunately I have had to cancel the Nook Edition of "ADDITIVES UNCOVERED: What's in your food and how it affects you".

Personally I would love to see it published on the Nook, but it would seem that Barnes and Noble only want to work with US authors or publishers. Or so it would seem by the information they require of you during account creation.

You see, while are quite happy to cater for an international market right from the get-go, Nook Press require a US bank account and Tax ID - which they ask for as part of a seperate vendor account which is created AFTER authors have set up their author's account, uploaded the book, filled in all the details and promotional material, etc. It would be nice to find out that the Nook direct publishing programme is not open to non-US residents somewhere near the beginning of the process, perhaps when one fills out his/her address?

Considering the fact that Barnes and Noble have a rather important UK presence (not only as publishers, but also due to the number of Nook device sales), I don't think it would be unreasonable for them to allow and cater for both US *and* European direct publishers via their Pub-It programme.